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KMCC Help Desk

Covid 19 Help Desk

As we all are going through an unprecedented challenging time paused by COVID19 pandemic with large population of people are directly or indirectly affected. The prolonged lock down and closure of most business institutions has directly impacted many expatriate communities with limited or no income and many of them faced with uncertainties about their jobs.

Countrywide KMCC-UK Help Desk

The very first step KMCC took at the start of this crisis was to set up a Covid19 help desk covering almost all cities of UK to co-ordinate charity activities. For the hundreds of students and families affected by this Covid-19 crisis KMCC help desk was an immense help. During the pandemic we received hundreds of frantic calls from several desperate students and families to get help with food supplies and KMCC was able to reach out and help these needy people in the form of food parcels/essential medicine deliveries and financial assistance to many through vast network of volunteers

Mind Free Family Help Desk

There were many people psychologically affected from unexpected setbacks and stress/anxiety due to Covid-19 lock down and related crisis. KMCC took a vital role in bringing them back to normal life by providing free counselling sessions and alleviate their anxieties. To co-ordinate this activity we set-up a Counselling Help Desk which offered regular follow up contact to such people who are being listed on the High Priority List. Our counselling team.